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Budapest – Hungary

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Nov '11

Budapest restaurants

Goulash, chicken paprika, stuffed cabbage, poppy-seed cake…  some of the best-known Hungarian dishes. I am certain that you have already heard about them. Hungary is famous for it’s unique and incomparable cuisine which is adored by other nationalities.

Planning to get away for the weekend? Budapest is waiting for you!  It’s a lovely city filled with popular and must-see attractions as well as fantastic restaurants or pubs in the heart of the city.  After immersing yourself in the local culture, you’ll definitely get hungry.  Visit  the coolest pubs and restaurants in Budapest to taste some nice Hungarian wines and meals.

budapest restaurants

Kheiron, Déryné, Bábel, Pomodoro, Palace Lounge & Club are great to have  a wonderful night out.

Discover Budapest and have fun!


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