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Sep '16

Went to Hungary, got my smile back

I turned 64 at the beginning of this year, so I somehow accepted the fact that the smile in the mirror would never be the same again. Some teeth were a little bit broken; some were completely missing. From time to time, I daydreamt about giving myself a chance and have my teeth completely restored, but I never truly brought myself to discover what possibilities I had.

Finally, in June, my son got fed up with my procrastination, told me to pack my luggage and we flew straight to Hungary, the dental implant paradise, as he referred to the country. I had no time to hesitate, but I somehow knew I would be in good hands.

dental implant Hungary

My review on DentiImplantClinic and on Budapest

And the intuition was right. At the DentiImplantClinic everyone was really helpful and made me at ease about the serious dental surgeries that I had to face. Thanks to the local anesthesia, I felt almost nothing while integrating the titanium implants to my jaw. After the surgery we spent some days in the lovely city of Budapest, which was exciting and enjoyable for the both of us.

The healing process took 2 months, when I turned back to the Clinic and they applied the permanent crowns onto the titanium implants.

Perfect dental implants helped me smile with my heart again

Since so many years, my teeth look perfect again. I cannot thank the team enough and I will gladly recommend the Clinic to my friends in the UK as well.

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